Why Educate Your Team With Hemp Business Builder?

  • includes statistics and feedback from real hemp consumers
  • it is designed for multiple learning styles and includes video coursework
  • certificates issued for each completed course build employee confidence and retention
  • updates on the latest news on regulations, FDA guidelines, hemp farming and more keep you compliant
  • courses are designed with an easy to use progressive interface
  • courses include a customized experience with instructor feedback
  • all for less than the cost of your cable bill


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Higher Ed Hemp Tours™


This course provides a basic introduction to the hemp industry. It covers topics ranging from hemp history, differences in products, and consumption methods.


  • Differences between marijuana and hemp
  • Other cannabinoids including CBG
  • The endocannabinoid system (ECS)
  • History of hemp
  • 1940s Propoganda
  • Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolates
  • Different consumption methods
  • Dosing and bioavailability
  • Other uses of hemp

Perfect for new industry employees and entrepreneurs

Includes links to the latest white paper studies regarding hemp


What do you need to know to mitigate risk and thrive in the hemp industry? This course discusses must-know topics for business owners and management.

Course Topics:

  • mitigating risk in a highly regulated industry
  • future of the Farm Bill
  • pitching investors
  • exit strategies
  • future planning

Great for entrepreneurs, partners, owners, and management


Designed for new retail employees, this course covers customer service, merchandising, inventory and more.

Course topics:

  • standard operating procedures
  • merchandising and upselling
  • your customer experience
  • retaining customers
  • and more

Perfect for retail employees, senior management, and owners.


Understand the limits to marketing hemp products, what to avoid, and how to successfully market your brand online and in the real world.

Course topics:

  • maximizing return on events
  • choosing the best social media platform
  • creating meaningful content
  • customer interaction online
  • leveraging meetup groups and webinars
  • using your personal social media

Great for social media managers, marketing managers, partners, and owners.

Designed to Engage All Learning Styles

hemp tours behind the scenes


Access more than 10 hours of video coursework


Download templates for inventory, marketing, administration and more.


Engage with industry mentors and access exclusive events.

Keep Your Team Up To Date On Regulations, Marketing, Merchandising

and more.

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