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  • Weekly Mastermind Call: Get the latest scoop on regulations, events, scaling strategies, and connect with industry leaders ($100 mo value)
  • ​Scaling Strategies Course: Incorporate the latest lead gen, management, and automation strategies into your business to create sustainable growth ($50 mo value)
  • ​Special Events & Marketing: Access to special events and promotion on social media campaigns ($50 mo+ value)
  • ​​Directory Listing: Connect with other brands, retailers, and ancillary services ($25 mo value)
  • ​Team Training Courses: Access to Retail Operations, Industry Networking, and Hemp Marketing courses for you and your team ($50 mo value)
  • ​TOTAL VALUE: $275/month  YOURS FOR JUST $66



Program Terms:

About Higher Ed Hemp Tours: Our mission is to connect an educated consumer with a verified hemp brand. We accomplish this through interactive consumer education in the form of tours, special events, and more as well as our partner dashboard and brand education initiatives.

What You are Responsible For As A Verified or Partner Brand: As a Higher Ed Hemp Tours Partner, you agree that if any changes occur in the requirements or other factors that may affect your eligibility in the program change, to provide updated materials within 30 days via email to support@higheredhemptours.com Higher Ed. Hemp Tours is NOT responsible for the creation of your logo, event flyers, or any other brand specific marketing.

Service Agreement: This contract is made between the client ("Client")  and and Last Squirt Inc. dba Higher Ed Hemp Tours ("Designer") 421 E 6th St Suite E Austin, TX 78701. The parties to this agreement, in consideration of the mutual covenants and stipulations set out, on the date of acceptance by the client, agree as follows:

Fee Schedule: The client agrees to automatic billing of the agreed monthly fee outlined in their acceptance welcome email.

Payment: Client will pay all invoices within 5 business days of receipt. The grant of any license, logos, or right of copyright is conditional on receipt of full payment.Default in payment.

Termination: Please provide 30 days written notice in order to terminate the agreement. You may email written notice to support@higheredhemptours.com Higher Ed Hemp Tours reserves the right to terminate this agreement without written notice if the client violates any terms of this agreement.

Refunds: If you are not entirely satisfied with your subscription, you may cancel at any time following the instructions above. Any unused portion of your subscription will be refunded to you after processing of the termination.

Regulations: Client agrees to comply with all Federal, State, and Local regulations concerning hemp derived CBD products. It is the responsibility of the client to properly research local permits that may be required. Client shall indemnify the Designer against all claims and expenses, including attorney's fees, due to failure of the Client to follow applicable regulations including but not limited to FDA regulations regarding hemp derived products

.Modifications - This agreement may only be modified by a writing executed with the same formalities as the original agreement.

Code of Fair Practice:  The Client and the Designer agree to comply with the provisions of the Code of Fair Practice (which is in the Ethical Standards section chapter 1, Professional Relationships.8.

Limitation of Liability - Client agrees that it shall not hold the Designer or his/her agents or employees liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages that arise from the Designer's failure to perform as aspect of the project in a timely manner. Client's maximum remedy and Designer's maximum liability to the Client for damages on all causes whatsoever is limited to the project cost.

Venue of Actions and Governing Law: Any and all suits for any and every breach of this contract must be instituted and maintained in any court of competent jurisdiction in the County of Travis, State of Texas.The parties agree that this contract is governed by the laws of the State of Texas.

Severance: The parties understand and agree that if a court holds any part, term, or provision of this contract to be illegal or in conflict with any law of the state where made, the validity of the remaining portions or provisions will not be affected and the rights and obligations of the parties will be construed and enforced as if the contract did not contain the particular part, or provision held to be invalid.

Entire Agreement: This contract contains the entire agreement. Any statements, promises, or inducements made by either party or agents of either party that are not contained herein are valid or binding.This contract may not be altered except with written permission of both parties. This contract covers future product creation proposals that are accepted by the Client unless otherwise noted.

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